Around the Next Corner

I just so happened to come across a person. They were old-fashioned, in-the-moment, and somehow part of my past; forgotten. I didn’t realize this at first. It was an abrupt sort of meeting that came without warning and left an impression I’d be best left without. Looking back maybe I should have stayed home that day, or walked the dog down Callisch Street instead of the usual Avenue. I had a lot riding on this chance encounter, me and this person whom I cannot remember. This happened, for it is the pairing of a face to a name that comes with most difficulty, especially when intended attention is far more exciting and, of course, around the next corner.

Gone. Where did they go? I didn’t even see myself blink. See myself blink? What am I saying? That wouldn’t happen. Could it? I don’t know. What was in that last drink? My pill… I took it, right? Oh, I can’t remember. What do I do? Where did they go? What was I doing? The span of my attention cannot seem to recall the moment where these questions began. Thank you, reader, for you may soon become player to the resurrected thought.

Remind me again what I am here for.

What? Not taking notes? Oh that’s ok. Walk with me and soon see also what is around that next corner.

It is so far, that corner. It seemed closer before. Ah, well. A change in direction will come soon enough. So it seems that we have some more time. …hmm? time for what? Oh, you remember… about what I said before. These questions and where they began. That person, did you get their name? Ok good. That’s a relief because I’m horrible with names, and on some days I cannot even remember to respond to my own.

Looking back I realized that I forgot to bring the dog. That was the point of it all this morning, to take the dog for a walk. I must have left her in the yard. Now I seem to have found myself alone. Isn’t it such a good idea for every creature to allow specific time for cleansing with proper self-care coupled with what is phrased as me-time? Oh, but not with a couple, for you are to be alone. I am alone. I could have wagered the largest of bets that I was doing something, talking with someone, remembering somewhere. Lost, but there is the corner. I have finally found you. So close I can feel you. If I cut you, this corner, not only would I save a small bit of time, but I would also turn it into two. Corners.

Headed backwards now, so it seems I was wrong. That corner wasn’t a new direction but instead it was a way home. Getting back will be easy, just double back over and follow the trail left from before. In cutting the corner we allowed you to turn two left and somehow make it into something right. Nearly home now, I’ve made it. There’s that person from before. Oh, and what’s this? He’s found my dog. Oh good, pretty sure I was worried. Maybe this time I’ll ask his name, or actually finish what I intended with what was started. Closer now. There he is. My dog looks awfully confused. Wait, what? That person. It is me.