2018: Best Creator Owned First Issue

This weekend starts the last month of the year, which also kick starts my annual excursion for looking backwards on things that made the year less sucky.

We all have routines and schedules that get in the way of happiness, and we also have friends and family that assist in moving the pendulum back toward the positive when moments sway too heavy. Read More

a conversation with @cleanlined: artist for The Few

Sometimes you have to totally geek out. Go out on a limb, or “do something weird because you can”. I did that. Last month I initated contact with the artist of one of my favorite comics that has come out this year. Over the course of this last week him and I bantered back and forth as I allowed him to “talk-shop”.  Read More

what I’m reading | 2016

Everyone needs an outlet dedicated for mental escapism.

With the refreshing exception of my discovery and reading of Ready Player One I have focused most of my literary attention this year to dialogue bubbles and dystopian futures. As a kid I would sporadically dabble in stacks of comics, and over the last few years I’ve rediscovered this passion and created a few more stacks to sort through. This year I have gone so far as to read new & current titles on an ongoing monthly basis often times forgetting my intentions, falling behind, and then reading 4 to 6 issues straight of backstory to a fallen society surrounding a robotic companion bot-child (refer to Descender). Everything from classic and obscure superheroes to dystopian sci-fi epics have been additions to the rapidly growing collection of mine.

Here is a short list of my favorites over this past year, enjoy… Read More