Weekly Recommends: Pull Date 4/3/19

Here again on my pet project, argyle eater dot com, is a collection of some comic recommendations for your generous consideration as you head out to your chosen comic shop or digital platform. Grab some favorites and maybe take a gamble on an impulse, cuz you never know when you may find that next new hidden favorite.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to today.. but don’t take my word for it. Read some comics and see for yourself.

Paper Girls # 27

story by Brian K Vaughan & art by Cliff Chiang

Image Comics

It is bitter sweet seeing this one come to an end. Been tons of fun following these four through time as they discover things about their whereabouts and their destiny. This issue is the second of a five-part farewell tour de space time continuum and I’m sure we’ve got plenty of more surprises to look forward to.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #2

story by Paul Scheer & Nick Giovanetti

art by Gerardo Sandoval

Marvel Comics

This recommend comes immediately after my solo viewing of Jordan Peele’s Us. Maybe I’m just in the mood for more sabotage. But, so help me, if the twist in the end involves a tethered Marvel past then I may just sleep with the lights on for another week.

Section Zero #1

story & art by Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett

Image Comics

UFOs. Monsters. A fly kid with a name that’ll have you lol-ing even after several pages have been turned since it’s reveal. What more do you need for a comic so bizarre you can’t look away? Nothing, probably, but just in case.. there’s also guns, explosions and a mini-Martian who can walk through walls. Me? I’m sold.

Die #5

story by Kieron Gillen & art by Stephanie Hans

Image Comics

Gillen and Hans have put together a sad and gorgeous rendering of a D&D meets Jumanji epic of sorts. The first chapter comes to a crashing close when our cast of characters meet up at their final destination place. What will happen? Read and see. It’s still early and easy to catch up.

Bronze Age Boogie #1

story by Stuart Moore & Tyrone Finch

art by Alain Mauricet

Ahoy Comics

Wave 2 of Ahoy is here! If you missed wave 1.. how dare you! This time around we see all our favorite comic genres of the 70s collide in crazy comic fashion. Apes, monsters, swords & sorcery, Kung Fu, not to mention adventurous cosmos. What’s not love? Beneath all the crazy is a character study of family and the bond that drives them.. even if that drive is empowered by the bloody sword. In the end, don’t forget to stick around for the post-credit sequences with bonus stories and text stories. No regrets if you follow through. Promise.

Bonus Recommends:

  • Marvel Team Up featuring spider-man & ms. marvel #1

  • The War of the Realms #1

  • Captain America #9

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU