13 essential spoon songs

“What should we call us?”
“I don’t know…Spoon?”

That’s how I envision the conversation going when Britt Daniel tried to decide what to call his rock band with the rest of the guys. Read More

13 essential third eye blind songs 

In the spring of 1997 I was a pimply 16 year old kid driving around town in a 1977 Chevy Nova with an engine and audio system upgrade. Driving around town, I would listen to whatever was on New Rock 104.1 as I sought after my place of destination.

That was twenty years ago. That is a long time past. A lot has happened between then and now, many fazes and hairstyle changes have happened that I would just assume not elaborate on. Read More

13 essential thursday songs

When I was in my 20s all of the kids were listening to emo and I could never understand why. Then the double kick drum preceded the scream-along-able choruses as I found my fist in the air and my lungs in 5th gear. Something called “screamo” happened and bands like Thursday were to blame. Read More

13 essential nofx songs

Anarchic skate punk is a very specific genre of music that I have probably made up in my own head after I went through my own “punk phase”. Even if it is a make believe subgenre all within my own mind it still remains relevant and necessary, especially during times of social and political turmoil.  Read More

13 essential foo fighters songs 

There are only a few bands my kids hear and immediately say “this is daddy’s music!!” With them knowing who these bands are comes with very little help from me, but the fact that they know who they are helps confirm that I have won as a father. (Well.. that and the fact that I am totally awesome.) The sounds of Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, or mxpx will someday reignite the memories of a simpler time; the days of being a young kid driving in the backseat of my truck singing along to Arlandria. Read More

13 essential brand new songs

Good bands are forever, but great ones never last.

Brand New has been a staple in my collection ever since the floating astronaut album cover caught my attention at Best Buy in 2003.

Yes. If you haven’t figured out by now, I have been known to judge a book by its cover and purchase an album based on its artistic ability to stand out from the rest. Read More

13 essential mxpx songs

It’s hard to calculate a recommended list of songs from a band that steered the course of your adolescence. Even more difficult is when the captain of that ship also served as the gateway into a lifelong enjoyment of the genre that most represents your preferred musical interests. Read More

13 essential idlewild songs

I discovered my brand of brit rock from a jukebox while working at Me-N-Ed’s one night back during my post adolescence. The tracks Little Discourage & Roseability were ones I’d purchase for rotation while waiting for the next “hot D!” hollered out from the kitchen.  Read More

13 essential thrice songs

Sometimes bands grow up with you. They share the same passions and likeness within the lyrics that you scream along to.

Thrice is that band for me. Read More

13 essential millencolin songs

Spanning from the Fall of 2001 to early Spring 2002 I found myself skating through Fullerton, California to work 3 and a half days a week down N Placentia Avenue without any device capable of playing music. My personal funds hadn’t yet allowed for any justifiable purchase and technology hadn’t gotten to a place yet where my phone could double as a music device.  Read More