13 essential idlewild songs

I discovered my brand of brit rock from a jukebox while working at Me-N-Ed’s one night back during my post adolescence. The tracks Little Discourage & Roseability were ones I’d purchase for rotation while waiting for the next “hot D!” hollered out from the kitchen.  Read More

13 essential thrice songs

Sometimes bands grow up with you. They share the same passions and likeness within the lyrics that you scream along to.

Thrice is that band for me. Read More

13 essential millencolin songs

Spanning from the Fall of 2001 to early Spring 2002 I found myself skating through Fullerton, California to work 3 and a half days a week down N Placentia Avenue without any device capable of playing music. My personal funds hadn’t yet allowed for any justifiable purchase and technology hadn’t gotten to a place yet where my phone could double as a music device.  Read More

13 essential eels songs

I’ve been fortunate to see Mark Oliver Everett perform as eels once in my lifetime back in 2008. It was one of the more memorable experiences at a live show that I’ve ever had.  Read More

13 Essential Good Riddance Songs

This year I will find myself cemented in my late-30s with an endless array of memories from the music of my adolescent youth clear up to what some prefer to label maturation with adulthood. I am still unclear whether the music shapes the memories, or if the memories help determine what music was important. Read More

what I’m reading | 2016

Everyone needs an outlet dedicated for mental escapism.

With the refreshing exception of my discovery and reading of Ready Player One I have focused most of my literary attention this year to dialogue bubbles and dystopian futures. As a kid I would sporadically dabble in stacks of comics, and over the last few years I’ve rediscovered this passion and created a few more stacks to sort through. This year I have gone so far as to read new & current titles on an ongoing monthly basis often times forgetting my intentions, falling behind, and then reading 4 to 6 issues straight of backstory to a fallen society surrounding a robotic companion bot-child (refer to Descender). Everything from classic and obscure superheroes to dystopian sci-fi epics have been additions to the rapidly growing collection of mine.

Here is a short list of my favorites over this past year, enjoy… Read More

Best Albums of 2016 | The Top 10

It’s been a rather turbulent year; thank God for music to help soothe the soul.  Here are my ten favorite records of 2016 with a short reason as to why, followed by a video of a favorite song from the album. Read More

Best Albums of 2016 | Runner Up Top 10

I have a lot of spare time in between my ears which is why I have such a long list of favorite records from the past year.  In keeping with newfound tradition I have put together a list of the second tier of my favorite records.  Honorary mentions that should have been included, but weren’t because of space constraints, can be found here. Read More

Best Albums of 2016 | Honorary Mentions

Everyone would agree that twenty sixteen was a year that brought upon us newfound self-pity, self-doubt, and self-reflection, all with a loss of how to react or cope with the current state of things. No matter your personal opinions with whether we are in an incline or decline of western civilization we all can come together and agree that we are living in the first days of a new world. How you interpret those first days of the rest of our life is what is up for personal interpretation. Read More