Joker’s iPod: the Ledger Edition

To offset the post viewing excitement surrounding Endgame (..and to satisfy a certain anticipation for the upcoming Joker film..) I have put together a second installment of “what’s joker listening to”.

Last time, I began this exploration of fan fiction with a take on what Leto’s Joker would listen to, and with surprise to no one it turned out he listened to mostly himself. Go figure.

Part two of this incredibly necessary discussion is a journey into the mind of who is arguably the best cinematic adaptation of the Joker to date: Ledger’s. He is manic, he is demented, he superimposed himself on Azzarello’s printed version of the same character brought to print-life by DC comics that same year. He is everything you’d imagine one to be on that side of crazy.. but what he is not is a prude because everyone who is anyone listens to music.

And this is a glimpse into what is on his personal playlist.

Porcupine Tree | Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

Ministry | So What

Nine Inch Nails | Only

MC 900 feat. Jesus | The City Sleeps

Marilyn Manson | Sweet Dreams

Misfits | Bullets

Eminem | Business

Disturbed | Down With The Sickness

White Zombie | Thunder Kiss ’65

Shame | Dust On Trial

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