Weekly Recommends: Pull Date 3/27/19

Thought I’d start a new thing here and share my anticipated comics for the week that are either already on my pull list, or ones that I’ve got my eye on to track down in which I also fee the need to pass on as recommendations. There are zero rules here. Just books and mentions.. a slight nudge from me to you getting you along to your local comic book store.

This weekly post may very well evolve up and down in regards to complexity. A common theme you should assume to expect are, new books coming out each new comic book day.

Now, bare with me as I begin this column of weekly recommends.

Amazing Spider-Man 18

Ice cream man 11

Black Hammer: age of doom 9

Friendo 5

Wasted Space 8

Vader: dark visions 2

Detective Comics 1000

Go Bots 5

Punks Not Dead: London’s Calling 2

Isola 7

Bad Luck Chuck 1

Appalachian apocalypse 3

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