Batman’s iPod

Batman spends a lot of his time alone in the cave, brooding about with the many frustrations that come along with being the man dressed in black as a bat alone in the darkness. Some may say the darkness is self-provoked. Others, coincidentally, couldn’t care less.

What does he listen to as he battles the villains of Gotham when he’s not losing himself in his self-depreciating thoughts?

How does he regroup and refocus?

Why does this even matter?*

*it really doesn’t.. I did this to keep my mind off of other more important but rather stressful circumstances.

In the end, we find out that one of The Bat’s guilty pleasures is a terrible nü-metal band from the mid-90s. 


Batman’s iPod:

Johnny Cash | Hurt

Low | Quorum

Nine Inch Nails | I Do Not Want This

IDLES | Colossus

Korn | Make Me Bad

Filter | Hey Man, Nice Shot

Joy Division | Isolation

Tom Waits | Clap Hands

Foo Fighters | White Limo

System of a Down | Spiders

Sun Kil Moon | Heron Blue

The National | Lucky You

PJ Harvey | Rid Of Me

Queens of the Stone Age | Go With the Flow

Thrice | Image of the Invisible

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