A Preview: Prevention Songs, Vol. 1

Knowing where your food is grown and where your clothes are made should be just as important as what fuels the passion in the music you consume.

I remember when a compilation album was my preferred way to discover new music. Many years in my youth was spent browsing record store shelves searching for the best cover among the cd’s filed under “various”.  This scavenger hunt for new music was that search for the next big thing, my new favorite band that you hadn’t heard yet, the band that sang the song your friends would be singing tomorrow. This was what defined my early days as a fan of music. It truly was an art form in both directions. A unique way to consume music and a creative way to sell it to a variety of eager ears. Fat Music, Songs From The Penalty Box, Atticus: …Dragging the Lake, Punk Bites, and various soundtracks from the 90s would conduct the effort to navigate the discoveries. 

Fast forward. It’s now almost the third decade in the 21st century and digital music and streaming services have all but removed the necessity of the compilation album. It’s hard to even recall the last one in memory that had a lasting effect. Come to think of it, I cannot even remember the last compilation album that I even listened to that I didn’t create myself.

…because isn’t that what a compilation essentially is? Carefully crafted playlists with a purpose.  If video killed the radio star then personal playlists killed the compilation album.

But wait. Don’t write off every album marketed as a compilation as unneeded. You just might miss that next big thing or tomorrow’s best songwriter that everyone will eventually be talking about.  You may miss out on a collected voice of purpose that reasoned the very existence of the playlist.

After I listened to Prevention Songs Vol 1, a collection of songs created in style of a playlist, I was reminded of what can be taken from these types of records. Not only are you able to appreciate the art in music but you are also given opportunity to appreciate the intent behind the art and uncover new ways to positively impact real human life. This compilation in particular is presented as a collection of songs for the purpose of spreading awareness for the importance of ending modern-day slavery and human trafficking. With constant reminders of division all around us and as the saying goes “it’s a good time to be alive” is rapidly diminishing it’s relevance, one thing remains to be true: we can come together to actively and positively promote the need to prevent the existence of human trafficking.

Prevention is a bigger word than it seems. At ten characters long with a militia of purpose and passion driving the intent of the word it redeems more impact than hope, hate, love or divide.  Prevention at its core takes all of these words together and fights for positive change and redemption with purpose. The songs collected here on this compilation album exist to help promote awareness of the need to prevent this inhumane and unjust practice of our society.  Knowing where your food is grown and where your clothes are made should be just as important as what fuels the passion in the music you consume. The artists on Prevention Songs Vol 1 are taking a stand against human trafficking and slavery by becoming a part of this collection. The songs here are mostly from bands of the pacific northwest and california ranging from a variety of genres including some country, acoustic, indie, neo-folk, and pop. Album standouts include Sarah Roll Down My Window, America’s Child, In Circles, All the Salt and Ghosts Cannot Follow. Although these are my own standouts, the entire duration of the album is recommended and enjoyable; an hour well worth the time spent.

If the Volumes continue to be collected and the subtext follows the intent of prevention then I would suggest keeping an ear to the ground in anticipation of additional collections released.

To help fund this nonprofit mission to prevent human trafficking and promote awareness please go to https://justiceco.org/ and consider becoming a financial partner in their goal toward ending modern-day slavery.

Or simply purchase the downloads to these tracks in the link below.

Track Listing:

1 America’s Child | Cathedral Pearls

2 Kids in a Movie | Shayna and the Bulldog

3 Cloudline | Joseph

4 Wildflowers | Marshall McLean

5 In Circles | Athletes of the Year

6 Small Town Kids | Holly McGarry

7 Ghosts Cannot Follow (Live) | Cedar & Boyer

8 Firecracker | Windoe

9 Chloe Bennet | Table Nineteen

10 Sarah Roll Down My Window | Bart Budwig

11 Doves | Xavier

12 Shake | Shook Twins

13 All the Salt | John Craigie

14 Kid’s Not Giving Up | Super Sparkle

15 The Biggest Nothing | Josh Hedlund

16 Beautiful and Clear | The Overdubs

17 Carry On | Jeremy Hartshorn

cheers 🍻



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