13 essential lawrence arms

Duel vocals seem so dated now (and so do my lists of essential listening).

Nevertheless he persisted.I don’t have a lot to say about The Lawrence Arms; there isn’t really an incredible amount of backstory. I first heard them by accident while at a show for a different band. The intended purpose for that night is forgotten, but the discovery brought by accident still lingers in my nostalgic thoughts on the occasional afternoon. In between sets that night I visited the merch tables and walked away with a specific trucker hat branded with The Lawrence Arms logo.

On that day’s tomorrow I would hear their music for the first time, and it was perfect. It was essentially Alkaline Trio with no forced imagery. Pure unadulterated angst.

That was 2001.

Today, as my head spends a vast amount of time rested between a pair of earbuds, I occasionally will find myself revisiting that angst from a decade and a half ago. And it still is occasionally perfect.

A friend recently posed the question “am I allowed to have angst at 37?”

Me: angst knows no age.

It’s just a shame that I still don’t have that hat.

Here are thirteen angst riddled fast tracks for your quick commute home.

Cheers 🍻

13 | right as rain part 2

apathy and exhaustion

12 | the slowest drink in the safest bar on the snowiest day in the greatest city

buttsweat and tears

11 | the first eviction notice

apathy and exhaustion

10 | on with the show

the greatest show ever told

9 | 100 resolutions

cocktails and dreams

8 | alert the audience!

the greatest show ever told

7 | cut it up

oh! calcutta!

6 | the march of the elephants

the greatest story ever told

5 | drunk tweets


4 | recovering the opposable thumb


3 | the redness in the west

buttsweat and tears

2 | asa phelps is dead

ghost stories

1 | the ymca down the street from the clinic



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