13 essential squad five-O

Sometimes ingredients for success are the opposite of what it takes to become noticed, and sometimes the lack of self-definition erodes any chance for sustainability or attainment. This was the unfortunate fate of Squad Five-O, the dearly beloved and often overlooked Tooth & Nail band from the super-early, it’s practically the 90s, 2000s.

Squad Five-O were what fans of the Christian label Tooth & Nail deserved but never really got. They had their moment. They infused ska punk early on and later added glam rock to their sound while inserting lyrics of politics, and sometimes religion.

But when the lights came on no one was home.

Their songs were good and the lyrics were there, but the fans didn’t seem to stick around when the ska punk was traded in for pop punk glam rock.

Now I was never a rude boy or a dance hall crasher, but there was something about Squad Five-O that kept my attention. I couldn’t shake off those songs. Bombs over BroadwayOur State Flag Bye America… and Fight The System were some of the songs that helped remind me about the band that I kept forgetting about.

Lyrically the band was as good as any other; the political songs were raw enough, the love songs were cheese enough, even the self-righteous songs about being a star were perfect adaptations of musical fiction. Their lack of an overt religious message after originating from a predominately Christian label and having a confused vision of who they were musically seemed to cause the premature ending of what could have been years of 21st century glam punk Poison ska songs.

While they may go down in history as the best band from Tooth & Nail that everyone had forgotten about, at least they have that going for them.

They’ve also got this essential list of recommends as I see fit:

Cheers 🍻 

13 | all in the name of God

fight the system

12 | no heroes

late news breaking

11 | fight the system

fight the system

10 | wasted (with you)


9 | we’re not blind

what i believe

8 | bye american 

late news breaking

7 | stand together

fight the system 

6 | apocalypse now

bombs over broadway 

5 | make you dance


4 | always the same

what i believe

3 | bombs over broadway 

bombs over broadway 

2 | our state flag

what i believe 

1 | i don’t want to change your mind


3 thoughts on “13 essential squad five-O

  1. After looking around to see if I could find it anywhere, it looks like the Apocalypse Now demo was removed off Songs from the Penalty Box 2 when the disc got re released. If you want to hear it, I can upload a video with it on it.

  2. Where would you rank the demo version of Apocalypse Now off Songs from the Penalty Box Vol. 2? I think it was the perfect bridge song between the two styles that made me super excited for Bombs over Broadway to come out.

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