13 essential say anything songs

I am traditionally terrible at keeping with tradition. I am often confused as I lose myself being absentminded. I am overtly opinionated but currently despise discussing politics. I am afraid of change but want something so desperately that isn’t what I already have.

I have not perfected the process that drives my simple desire to turn a cause into an effect, which is basically a pretentious way of saying “I’m lazy”.

But that isn’t the point. None of that is. The point here is to give you another specific example of how I have used music to escape my own personal flaws as a human.

Who I have become today has only become who you know now because of who I was yesterday, and wanting to become a better me during any future’s tomorrow is cause for my explanation of faults.

The only predicted effect that may come out in the end would be my continued testament of good faith in sharing what I think are essential music.

prologue – el fin

I haven’t explored any band who were blatantly emo, and for good reason. There’s a certain phrase that comes to mind as I typed that: “all good things must come to an end”. Apparently this is when I enter my own sacrament of penance as I confess that I’ve listened to (and often enjoyed) emo bands with overly pretentious song titles.

Recently I’ve found reason to seek out songs having lyrics depicting life circumstance seeming more traumatic than my own. Angry emo seemed fitting. There’s quite a few really really bad bands that are so bad they even claim severance to the category of music in which fans have annointed them with.


*Is there an emo band called Don’t Call Me Emo yet?*

I am closer to 40 than I am now to 30, so admitting to listening to this genre of music is modestly humiliating. Nonetheless, I resist to resist.

Songs are an escape. Songs are an expression. Songs are a way to uplift and to put down. No matter the intent to the expression or desire to compare, self-depreciating lyrics can be therapeutic. One of my favorite emo bands, Say Anything, has lyrics that deal with any perceived take on self-destruction that you could imagine. Hearing words spoken and sung alongside overt melodies and terrible but brilliant song structure enhances the experience as you follow the singer tell about his journey from mental breakdown and addiction to love and happiness.

Ironically, though, the better songs are the ones that were written while inebriated or committed to asylum.

Without anymore drawn out explanation, here are my favorite Say Anything songs from a band that often helped me manage my own self-destructive thoughts.

Cheers 🍻 

13 | peace out

anarchy, my dear

12 | colorblind

all my friends are enemies:  early rarities 

11 | sorry, dudes. my bad.

in defense of the genre

10 | total revenge

…is a real boy

9 | every man has a molly

…is a real boy

8 | baby girl, i’m a blur

in defense of the genre

7 | crush’d 

say anything

6 | by tonight

all my friends are enemies:  early rarities

5 | hate everyone 

 say anything

4 | died a jew 

in defense of the genre

3 | the church channel

in defense of the genre

2 | do better

say anything

1 | admit it!!!

…is a real boy

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