13 essential linkin park songs 

You didn’t have to be a superfan to be devastated by the news from last week when Chester Bennington took his own life.  You didn’t have to own every Linkin Park album to be moved to tears after you hear Castle of Glass on the radio soon after the news broke either.  You didn’t need to own any of their shirts or to have gone to any of their concerts. You needn’t justify your feelings at all.

All you really had to be was a fan of modern music.

I am a closet fan of many radio bands from the last decade and a half, and to be a closet fan means to like a band for the singles that you hear on the radio. The bands that I claim to be a closet fan include, but is not limited to as follows:  Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, System of a Down, Sum 41, & Linkin Park.  These bands have songs on the radio that when I hear while driving both of my feet start moving and I start testing the boundaries of the speed limit. Every emotion from the inside out can be found expressed in a song played on the radio somewhere. It doesn’t matter if the song is part of pop radio, college radio, obscure indie, or even local talent because emotions will always transcend boundaries.

Linkin Park claimed the corner of angst and despair.

A few months ago Soundgarden lost their singer to depression when Chris Cornell took his own life. A singer who was a leading voice of grunge now gone. Soundgarden was a band that I was not a superfan of or a closet fan of either, but it did cause my heart to be heavy that day.

This time, last week when depression took the life of another singer who helped define but a different genre of music, my heart sank again. A singer who was a leading voice of rap-rock now gone.

As cheesy as rap-rock actually is, Chester was arguably the one that did it the best. An entire generation of adolescents has lost the man behind the screaming vocals and soft melodies that got them through their childhood, and that is the most jarring piece of this entire tragedy.

I wasn’t an adolescent when Linkin Park was at their peak, but I did (and do) appreciate songs with lyrics that have true and difficult lyrics that battle honest emotions.

It is terribly unjust recognizing the fact that we don’t fully appreciate the talent or presence of an artist until they are gone. This is especially true if that artist is not of our preferred taste in music.

I went back and listened to most of the Linkin Park songs that I remembered after this tragedy. Mainly as an act of remembrance, but also to appreciate what is now gone. While doing so I compiled another list to contribute to my collection of essentials.

It may be a challenge to understand how depression works, but if it can claim the lives of Robin Williams, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington then I’d say that it is definitely a real thing worth addressing before it becomes too late. Seek help if you explore feelings of depression significantly more than any other feeling. Talk to someone.

In rememberance:

Here are my favorite 13 Linkin Park songs.

Rest In Peace Chester

13 | papercut

hybrid theory

12 | sharp edges
one more light


11 | bleed it out

minutes to midnight


10 | faint



9 | numb



8 | battle symphony

one more light


7 | castle of glass

living things


6 | my december

hybrid theory

5 | heavy

one more light


4 | shadow of the day

minutes to midnight


3 | given up

minutes to midnight


2 | crawling

hybrid theory


1 | what i’ve done

minutes to midnight

One thought on “13 essential linkin park songs 

  1. Just got done listening to all the songs. Makes me miss him. I was not a big linkin park fan but they had good songs. And now listening you can hear his cries for help. Heavy was a really emotional song. So sad makes me want to go out and help all the others like him.

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