13 essential alkaline trio songs 

Let us not forget that before anyone got radio-famous they always traveled a certain path to get there.

Long before radio knew Matt Skiba as the new member of Blink (and probably before Mark Hoppus did too, because we all know that Travis is the cool one who heard of him first *eyeroll*), Skiba was in Alkaline Trio.

I somewhat sense a reoccurring theme here. I keep going back to Blink-related lists of songs even when they are not songs by Blink.

Get over it. I’ve stating more than a few times already that the theme here is “I do this for me”. So read. Don’t read. Tell me I’m wrong or tell me that I am more right now than when I erroneously didn’t include The Underdog on my Spoon list. If for nothing else simply scroll to the bottom and travel back to the late 90s & early 2000s with me aided by my Spotify playlist of essential Alkaline Trio.

Still reading? Ok, cool. As I mentioned earlier, Skiba took the path to radio-fame. He ditched a band that helped define my post-adolescent listening ears and helped ruin another band that defined it also. Both were better left alone. Both were better off in their respectable prepubescent selves, and so it goes that no longer is my accident prone behavior the lone reason to prove that maturity does not always lead to perfection.

What are we left with then? How does Skiba manage to get up every morning and look at himself in the mirror? Why is he wearing his ball cap backwards now? What does he mutter under his breath to himself to justify the clown show he currently helps front?

Why is he even worth mentioning when discussing pivotal punkrock?



Maybe I’ll Catch Fire

From Here To Infirmary

Good Mourning


(Not so much Agony & Irony and My Shame Is True, but This Addiction was ok.)

Matt Skiba defined a unique subgenre of punkrock with Alkaline Trio that wasn’t goth and wasn’t pop but you could be justified by calling it either. He fronted the band that made it ok for punk kids not that in to goth to be ok with goth kids not that in to punk. He wore make up before the kids on the radio did. Sure, he probably should credit his predecessors in their similar attempts to do the same, because without them there’d arguably be no Alk3 (and no AFI?).

Matt  Skiba should probably start addressing some thank you notes to The Misfits.

The following are songs from Alkaline Trio that I look at as modern foundations of punkrock from before Matt Skiba went radio pop with Blink.

Cheers 🍻 

13 | piss & vinegar

this addiction

12 | nose over tail


11 | this addiction

this addiction

10 | queen of pain

split album w/ Hot Water Music

9 | i’m dying tomorrow

from here to infirmary 

8 | fuck you aurora

maybe i’ll catch fire

7 | tuck me in

maybe i’ll catch fire

6 | bleeder

the alkaline trio

5 | armageddon

from here to infirmary

4 | maybe i’ll catch fire

maybe i’ll catch fire

3 | mr. chainsaw

from here to infirmary

2 | radio

maybe i’ll catch fire

1 | private eye

from here to infirmary 

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