13 essential blink 182 songs 

Humor me while I revel in nostalgia for a few moments. (Well – nostalgia outlined with bitter resentment for change.)

So many times I’ve heard before “change is good, Sean” and “with change comes opportunity”, and to that I respond with a cozy “nope”. Sure, sometimes change is good, but with every door opened with optimism comes a sucker punch snuck to the face. And I don’t mean all things are doomed to be regretful when you shake up what is comfortable. Often a mere reorganization to disorient yourself is all that is needed to give you the opportunity to change for the good. But then sometimes reorganization can be the destruction of all things.

With that being said, I present to you the desperate desire of some bands to remain relevant. For the sake of time, and my adoration for a short-attention span, I will only spend time on one band that has become what I have described.

Blink 182.

I used to be a fan, quite the big fan actually. I even spent a modest portion of my teenage years swapping quiz-notes with a fellow employee with lyrics from Dude. The game was simple: one left a half stanza of lyrics for two and two leaves missing half stanza on the new quiz-note with a new half stanza for one to complete. And so on and so forth. It was innocent. It was short lived. It could be said that it lasted about as long as the band itself should have.

I soon graduated high school and the quiz-notes stopped but the band remained. Then the drummer upgrade happened. Blink 182 continued to persist. I tried to still like the songs. For a while I even said that I did. I admit, some are pretty ok, but when you make an “upgrade” to a band’s core nothing can be seamlessly replicated. With the current attempt at remaining seamless I have managed to admit upfront that there is no going back to what we once had with Dude. Because a Blink with a Travis instead of a Scott is quite a bit more tolerable than a Blink with a Skiba but without a DeLonge.

With Skiba, Blink is a crap band.

With Travis, Blink is a rock band.

But with Scott Raynor, Blink was a punk band.

The following 13 songs are what I consider essential Blink 182 that were (mostly) before they got famous.

13 | voyeur

dude ranch

12 | wishing well


11 | carousel

chesire cat

10 | dick lips

dude ranch

9 | m&m’s

chesire cat

8 | toast and bananas

chesire cat

7 | enthused

dude ranch

6 |cacophony

chesire cat

5 | the party song

enema of the state

4 | apple shampoo

dude ranch

3 | dammit

dude ranch

2 | wasting time

chesire cat 

1 | pathetic

dude ranch

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