13 essential spoon songs

“What should we call us?”
“I don’t know…Spoon?”

That’s how I envision the conversation going when Britt Daniel tried to decide what to call his rock band with the rest of the guys.

“All the good band names are taken.” I remember that being said among some friends and I a long time ago. Turns out that good band names are infinite. If it’s a bad choice and the songs are good enough then the name will be great by default.

Spoon’s new album Hot Thoughts came out a few weeks ago, and as usual it requires time to grow on me as I revisit their old stuff. An immediate standout, though, is I Ain’t The One and it took everything within me not to include it in my OCD-inspired list of 13 essential songs from Spoon.

At least they didn’t become another “the” band and call themselves The Utensils.

(On the other hand…that’s a pretty good band name too.)

bonus | i ain’t the one

hot thoughts

Ignoring the new stuff, these are my favorite Spoon songs that I prefer when I want to hog the airspace at home.

13 | jonathan fisk

kill the moonlight

12 | black like me

ga ga ga ga ga

11 | let me be mine

they want my soul

10 | stay don’t go

kill the moonlight

9 | was it you?

gimme fiction

8 | finer feelings

ga ga ga ga ga

7 | the fitted shirt

girls can tell

6 | inside out

they want my soul

5 | car radio

a series of sneaks

4 | the way we get by

kill the moonlight

3 | waiting for the kids to come out

soft effects EP

2 | the ghost of you lingers

ga ga ga ga ga

1 | believing is art

girls can tell

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