13 essential third eye blind songs 

In the spring of 1997 I was a pimply 16 year old kid driving around town in a 1977 Chevy Nova with an engine and audio system upgrade. Driving around town, I would listen to whatever was on New Rock 104.1 as I sought after my place of destination.

That was twenty years ago. That is a long time past. A lot has happened between then and now, many fazes and hairstyle changes have happened that I would just assume not elaborate on.

Twenty years ago one song in particular caught my attention in those speakers and called dibs to be first in line every time the Nova engine turned on. The next two summer’s Semi-Charmed Life hijacked the audio of my random commutes flowing about town.

In celebration of that album’s release this month twenty years ago I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands while in high school.

Here are 13 not quite mandatory, but just simply “my favorites” from Third Eye Blind.

…and to the jock-O-jerk-metal-head-bully-of-a-person from high school who thought it’d be time well spent to make fun of me and my choice of music I say, “I bet I can still out run you and my choice in t-shirts are still way cooler than yours!”

13 | farther


12 | my time in exile

a collection

11 | isn’t it pretty

we are drugs

10 | god of wine

self titled

9 | anything


8 | slow motion

a collection

7 | can’t get away

out of the vein

6 | 10 days late


5 | narcolepsy

self titled

4 | crystal baller

out of the vein

3 | semi charmed life

self titled

2 | good man

out of the vein

1 | motorcycle drive by

self titled

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