13 essential thursday songs

When I was in my 20s all of the kids were listening to emo and I could never understand why. Then the double kick drum preceded the scream-along-able choruses as I found my fist in the air and my lungs in 5th gear. Something called “screamo” happened and bands like Thursday were to blame.

When straight forward punkrock won’t cut it and metal just isn’t your thing, then screaming emo seemed to find a way to guide the path of the emerging millennial underclass.

Pick up that microphone and dry off all the sweat and tears because this is about to get intense.

Here are mandatory songs from one of the pioneers in a music movement that happened faster than the daylight within a hibernal solstice.

13 | the other side of the crash/over and out (of control)

a city by the light divided

12 | jet black new year

five stories falling

11 | wind up

full collapse

10 | steps ascending

war all the time

9 | war all the time

war all the time

8 | autobiography of a nation

full collapse

7 | division st.

war all the time

6 | concealer

full collapse

5 | signals over the air

war all the time

4 | a hole in the world

full collapse

3 | understanding in a car crash

full collapse

2 | paris in flames

full collapse

1 |
cross out the eyes

full collapse

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