13 essential nofx songs

Anarchic skate punk is a very specific genre of music that I have probably made up in my own head after I went through my own “punk phase”. Even if it is a make believe subgenre all within my own mind it still remains relevant and necessary, especially during times of social and political turmoil. 

Art is at its best when the world is in chaos, and yes punkrock is art.

Even after the rebellion is [mostly] gone it still is liberating to listen to nofx. Fat Mike, the anti-rockstar’s rockstar, continues to make rebellion ok again for the aging gen-X demographic.

The following songs are my recommended and mandatory listens if you have not heard any nofx.

13 | please play this song on the radio

white trash, two heebs, and a bean

12 | murder the government

so long & thanks for all the shoes

11 | the malachi crunch


10 | don’t call me white

punk in drublic 

9 | you’re wrong

the longest ep 

8 | franco un-american

war on errorism 

7 | we called it america


6 | cell out

self entitled

5 | I’m so sorry tony

first ditch effort

4 | the brews

punk in drublic

3 | dinosaurs will die

pump up the valuum 

2 | linoleum

punk in drublic

1 | the decline

the decline ep

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