13 essential foo fighters songs 

There are only a few bands that my kids will hear and immediately say “this is daddy’s music!!” Knowing who they are comes with a little help from daddy, but the fact that they know what they are confirms the fact that I have won as a father. The familiarity of the sound triggers their association with “daddy” and I can only assume that when they’re all grown and hear a song by Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, or mxpx they’ll recall a simpler time of being a young kid driving in the backseat of daddy’s truck.

Of these three units of nostalgia the one that is the most fun for me is the latter, but the one that is the most musically inspiring to talk about is Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters.

Grohl drummed for the band that led the insurgence of alternative rock and then went on to front the only modern radio rock band that matters, frankly.

Foo Fighters gave frat boys and indie kids reason to sing along to the same song. The center section of a Venn diagram of rock music representing radio rock and indie college radio rock is entirely comprised of the Foo Fighters library of work.

I have a Spotify playlist of 45 Foo songs for personal use. Here are 13 of those 45 that I consider mandatory, but if you haven’t heard them by now you’re probably not that into rock music.

13 | the feast and the famine

sonic highways

12 | white limo
wasting light

11 | up in arms
the colour and the shape

10 | big me
foo fighters

9 | stacked actors
there is nothing left to lose

8 | everlong
the colour and the shape

7 | but, honestly
echoes, silence, patience & grace

6 | aurora
there is nothing left to lose

5 | times like these
one by one

4 | home
echoes, silence, patience & grace

3 | i’ll stick around
foo fighters 

2 | all my life
one by one

1 | monkey wrench
the colour and the shape

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