13 essential brand new songs

Good bands are forever, but great ones never last.

Brand New has been a staple in my collection ever since the floating astronaut album cover caught my attention at Best Buy in 2003.

Yes. If you haven’t figured out by now, I have been known to judge a book by its cover and purchase an album based on its artistic ability to stand out from the rest.

Brand New was a band with having significant influence to my music collection and one that was conceived through the blood, sweat, and tears of the separation of another. Turmoil and tragedy spawned perfection and near flawless creativity on both ends of this severed divide.

Taking Back Sunday was the band ripped apart in a few different pieces that helped create some of the more memorable bands of the early 2000s into today. If Taking Back Sunday were a Mogwai then Brand New is one of the Gremlins that appeared after becoming wet.

I was a casual listener of the band responsible for all of this, but it wasn’t until Taking Back Sunday started to disband and create different versions of itself with every lost member that I really started to take notice.

I was drawn to the Gremlins before the Mogwai.

With a relatively small library of songs it is fairly easy to listen to Your Favorite Weapon through Daisy in one afternoon, but with an attempt to create a moderate list of songs that have helped define a category of my collection – here are the mandatory listens:

13 | snowing season (yeah)
the devil and god are raging inside me

12 | battalions
leaked demos

11 | millstone
the devil and god are raging inside me

10 | vices

| okay I believe you but my tommy gun don’t
deja entendu

| seventy times 7
your favorite weapon

| fork & knife
fork & knife single

| the quiet things that no one ever knows
deja entendu

| me v maradona v elvis
deja entendu

| the boy who blocked his own shot
deja entendu

| you won’t know
the devil and god are raging inside me

| sic transit gloria… glory fades
deja entendu

1 | jesus christ
the devil and god are raging inside me

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