13 essential idlewild songs

I discovered my brand of brit rock from a jukebox while working at Me-N-Ed’s one night back during my post adolescence. The tracks Little Discourage & Roseability were ones I’d purchase for rotation while waiting for the next “hot D!” hollered out from the kitchen. 

It was quite literally the most obscure location to discover an emerging indie talent out of Scotland.

Two decades of music and here’s 13 mandatory listens from Idlewild:

13 | post electric

post electric blues

12 | no emotion

make another world

11 | every little means trust

everything ever written 

10 | roseability

100 broken windows

9 | you held the world in your arms

the remote part

8 | a film for the future

hope is important

7 | not just sometimes but always


6 | satan polaroid

a distant history: rarities 1997-2007

5 | a modern way of letting go

the remote part 

4 | these wooden ideas

100 broken windows

3 | little discourage

100 broken windows

2 | a ghost in the arcade

make another world

1 | american english

the remote part

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