what I’m reading | 2016

Everyone needs an outlet dedicated for mental escapism.

With the refreshing exception of my discovery and reading of Ready Player One I have focused most of my literary attention this year to dialogue bubbles and dystopian futures. As a kid I would sporadically dabble in stacks of comics, and over the last few years I’ve rediscovered this passion and created a few more stacks to sort through. This year I have gone so far as to read new & current titles on an ongoing monthly basis often times forgetting my intentions, falling behind, and then reading 4 to 6 issues straight of backstory to a fallen society surrounding a robotic companion bot-child (refer to Descender). Everything from classic and obscure superheroes to dystopian sci-fi epics have been additions to the rapidly growing collection of mine.

Here is a short list of my favorites over this past year, enjoy…

10 | Dept. H (Dark Horse)

9 | Throwaways (Image)

8 | Paper Girls (Image)

7 | Descender (Image)

6 | Dark Knight: A True Batman Story (Vertigo)

5 | All-Star Batman (DC)

4 | Black Hammer (Dark Horse)

3 | Superman: American Alien (DC)

2 | The Sheriff of Babylon (Vertigo)

1 | The Vision (Marvel)

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