So, Donald Trump is Going To Be President..

As a nation we need to remember to empathize before we justify a social, political, or personal situation.

Was it God’s will to have a Jewish genocide under Hitler and his nazi Germany?

Was it God’s will to have thousands starve in Africa while we complain of long lunch lines in the drive thru’s in America?

Was it God’s will to have Putin run Russia? Or Kim Jong-un lead North Korea?

Was it God’s will to mass produce and distribute weaponry so that we can fight amongst ourselves and kill eachother carelessly?

Was it really God’s will to elect someone so careless, without empathy, without compassion, and without any attempt to celebrate our nation’s diversity?

I refuse to believe that we are without the ability to avoid such tragedies and carelessly allow peace and love to be compromised for the sake of a political promise, category, or agenda.

These are difficult times in America. Either of our 2 main choices were less than ideal, but this is a far worse option that we have chose.

Before saying things like “it’ll be ok”, or “God is in control”, or “we have been through hard times as a country before” do not fail to realize that there are other Americans out there who may feel a bit different about things.

How will the Muslim women feel now going in public wearing their hijab?

How will first generation immigrant children from Mexico with parents who have yet to fully obtain legal citizenship feel?

These citizens of our nation now feel physically threatened because of who they are based upon things that they cannot change. These characteristics that these people cannot change are now the very reason that they do not want to be the person that they are.

Regardless of whether or not we feel that someone else’s feelings are justified, they remain to be very real in the person who is feeling them.

So, before you say “it’ll be ok” make sure that it actually will be ok.

Jesus wept for a reason, regardless of Him knowing God’s will.

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