As Lovers [Never Let You] Go

Nostalgia comes in waves, and sometimes they happen with tours.  Rarely do they uphold to expectations, and often times they disappoint.  News broke Monday that two bands from my past would form an unlikely duo as they co-headline a brief summer tour.  One band makes sense in their attempt to excite a former fanbase, the other is literally laughable.

Disclaimer:  I love me a Motorcycle Drive By!

In May, Dashboard Confessional will team with Third Eye Blind to begin a summer tour that starts in Cleveland and ends in San Francisco.

This comes with a raised eyebrow.  A question of intention.  A curiosity of the motivation behind the pairing.  Chris Carrabba, the songwriting vocalist behind Dashboard Confessional, is arguably the face of the emo genre.  When Carrabba left his first band [Further Seems Forever] to pursue a more intimate musical platform the “quote-un-quote” emo genre had not become what it is viewed today.  It’s true that this brand of music is often overlooked and fast-forwarded by music critics, but it can also be said that Carrabba made heads turn in the direction of emo that would otherwise have remained focused on the resurgence of pop-punk, or the mainstream success stories of Eminem and The Gorillaz.

The reason for my question of intent is not of the reintroduction of Carrabba, but it is because of the face of the other half of the announcement.  The last-man-standing original member of Third Eye Blind (minus drummer Brad Hargreaves — but who cares about drummers, right?), Stephan Jenkins, is also the last person who still cares about Third Eye Blind.  Over the years Jenkins has created an exponential amount of enemies among his own peer group.  To put it in perspective, the amount of individuals within the music industry that have publicly called out his unwarranted arrogance equals the amount of hit singles off his debut album with Third Eye Blind.  That speaks highly of the record, but tramples on his character.  There are many great “rock star assholes” in the history of music, but the difference between each of those legends and Jenkins are that they have earned their “assholery”.  Liam Gallagher, Ryan Adams (pre-sobriety), Johnny Rotten, Lars Ulrich, Axl Rose, and Ted Nugent, just to name a few, have earned the right to act in a way that make others despise their every action.

The reason for Jenkins’ chip on his shoulder comes from nothing other than Semi-Charmed Life and Third Eye Blind Inc.  I find that to be a rather undeserving character trait being that the music of Third Eye Blind tumbled to mediocrity once the founding guitarist, Kevin Cadogen, was abruptly replaced after their second album was released.  Jenkins has not managed to create a single hit song without him.  Cadogan co-wrote 10 of the 14 songs on the debut record along with a handful of songs off the second.  Most of which went on to become Billboard Chart success stories.  After the untimely departure of Cadogen, Jenkins managed to produce zero hit songs.  Hmmm.  Stephan.  Not so sure you planned that one out right.

In the process of pissing off Kevin Cadogen, Jenkins has managed to piss off many other people including Cadogen’s replacement, SmashMouth and John Vanderslice [additional Vanderslice beef here].  All instances justify his “assholery”, but it does not give legend to the reason.

The question remains in that how much time will pass before the romantically sentimental Carrabba bursts into outrage over the psychopathic narcissism from an undeserving Jenkins.

Carrabba v. Jenkins 2015

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